Educational and Technological Innovation

CETI stands for Center for Educational and Technological Innovation, which has been created in IÉSEG to support pedagogical innovation.

The CETI has three main activities :

1. Contents creation and administration of IÉSEG’s Learning Management System:

The CETI produces pedagogical contents that are used by IESEG’s professors in their teaching. The nature of these contents is diversified, since they can be audio-visual productions, interactive e-learning modules, audio podcasts, quizzes, etc.

This creation occurs thanks to a close collaboration between the CETI members and the professors, to make sure that the contents that is created matches the professor’s learning outcomes. The CETI also administrates IESEG’s Learning Management System,, an online platform where professors put their pedagogical contents – whether mere word, excel, powerpoint, pdf documents, etc., but also audio or video files (either produced internally or hosted on such websites as Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.).

In addition, students have to upload the documents demanded by their professors on ieseg-online, so that they are automatically screened by our anti-plagiarism system. Finally, professors also use ieseg-online to interact online with their students (course-specific discussion forums).

2. Watch and expertise:

An important part of CETI’s mission is pedagogical and sectorial watch on practices and tools. Thanks to that, CETI’s members constantly have updated state-of-the-art knowledge and competences, matching the evolution pace of pedagogical tools and practices.

Also, CETI members are invited as speakers in specialized conferences in education and training (for instance, CrossKnowledge Academy, Microsoft Techdays, etc.). Finally, the CETI also makes studies on IESEG’s students learning practices, with both research purposes in mind and with a view to constantly enhance IESEG’s pedagogical processes and practices.

3. Professors’ support:

The high level of knowledge and competence of CETI’s members enables them to support professors in the development and implementation of new pedagogical methods and practices. Flipped classroom, blended learning (that is, a mix between in-class and e-learning), simulations, role-playing games, etc. are rather new pedagogical method that shake up traditional teaching practices.

As a consequence, professors have to reflectively think on their position, their role, the nature of their interactions with students, etc. the CETI helps professors to face and comprehend this evolution. In the same vein, the CETI organizes Pedagogical Cafés twice a semester, to favour information and experience sharing.

These are open to all IESEG’s professors. During the pedagogical cafés, either pedagogical innovations or recent changes in higher education are presented, or professors share their teaching innovations or the way that they teach.

These presentations result in very rich interactions among the participants, and these exchanges enrich then IESEG’s pedagogical practices.