Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for the Summer Academy at IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT

These terms and conditions apply to all services and provisions associated with the IÉSEG Summer Academy. The terms and conditions of any and all of the customers and suppliers are hereby voided and have no validity. Any changes or additions to these terms and conditions, made before or at the time this agreement is entered into, must in any case be agreed in writing in order to have any validity.

1. Conclusion of Contract

Applications can be made by sending the completed form and the supporting documents to summer@ieseg.fr.

The application deadline is May 15, 2017.

As soon as the application form and the first installment (50% of the fees) are received, the participant will receive a confirmation e-mail. The registration becomes a legal binding by means of this confirmation. The participant thereby accepts the payment conditions outlined below. All fees must be paid in full no later than one month prior to the beginning of the Summer Academy programme . If not, the registration will be cancelled and the place given to another participant. Late registration is possible against payment of an additional fee. All fees listed are applicable to each participant on an individual basis .The IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT fees comprise no insurance of any kind. Each participant is urged to insure him- or herself accordingly (e.g. regarding health, accident, personal liability, etc.).

2. Methods and conditions of payment

All payments must be made in Euros (€). Please note that you are required, to assume all fees associated with such a transfer of funds. If no full payment is received, a follow-up bill for the missing amount will be issued, which must be paid at the beginning of the programme at the very latest (depending on the actual amount still owed).

3. Contents and objectives of the IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT programme

The contents and objectives of the individual courses in the programme are available on IÉSEG Summer Academy website.

The selection of courses is, in the end, the responsibility of each participant. We therefore urge you to take note of any relevant preconditions or other aspects of a course. Each participant should especially consider whether the contents and objectives of a given course correspond with his/her needs and expectations and also whether he/she possesses the necessary qualification for a course.

  • Quality
    IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT carefully selects its faculty, which must demonstrate adequate competence and experience in its particular discipline. Furthermore, IÉSEG guarantees that all courses, corresponding to their content, will be carried out in a professional and competent manner and fulfill the stated objectives. Content and quality of all courses, as well as the number of awarded academic credits, is monitored by the Academic Board of IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT.
  • Transcript
    When a participant fulfills all requirements of a course, he/she receives an official transcript at the end of the programme. Participants who follow courses without the intention of gaining academic credit receive a declaration of participation if they so desire.
  • Location
    Unless announced otherwise in advance, all courses are held in one of the campus facilities of the IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT. Relocation to a non-university site, due to unexpected unavailability of space, may occur under certain circumstances.
  • Additional programme offerings
    Additional programme offerings, booked by participants and beyond that which is offered as part of a given course, are not subject to IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT liability and can only be offered subject to availability.

4. Copyright

IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT retain full copyright regarding all materials distributed among participants. All materials or contents thereof may not be copied, sold or used for third parties without explicit prior approval by IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT. Each participant receives all documentation and materials only for personal use.

5. Cancellation/Refunds/Changes

Cancellation of participation in the IÉSEG programme is possible in principle, subject to the following conditions:

  • Administration Fees are non-refundable.
  • In case of cancellation up to five weeks prior to the start of the programme , the participant in question receives a refund of course fees, minus possibly applied bank fees. In case of cancellation two weeks or more before the start of a given programme , 50% of course tuition fees are refunded.
  • Hospitality package fee is not refundable if cancellation less than four weeks before the start of the programme.
  • No fees of any kind are refunded in case of cancellation less than two weeks prior to the start of the programme .
  • IÉSEG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT reserves the right to cancel courses that contain less than 8 participants four or more weeks prior to the start of the programme . Should such a cancellation be necessary, the affected participants will be notified and informed about available alternatives. If no satisfactory solution can be found for a particular participant, he/she may cancel his/her participation in the programme free-of-charge and receive a full refund of all fees paid up until that point.

6. Force majeure and acts of God

Cancellation of a course or other aspects of the IÉSEG International Summer Academy as a result of illness, acts of God or otherwise unforeseeable events or developments may occur. In such a case, participants are not entitled to have such courses or other aspects take place or carried out.

7. Severability clause

If any provision of these terms and conditions is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions of these terms and conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.

8. Privacy policy

Each participant agrees to the storage and use of personal data for the fulfillment of the agreement of participation within the framework of the legal provisions of the Federal French Data Protection Act. Participants’ personal data is not made available to third parties.

9. Place of jurisdiction

The laws of France shall apply to these terms and conditions, and the parties agree to Paris (France) as the place of jurisdiction.