Fondation IÉSEG

IÉSEG’s foundation is one of the key driving forces on our road to empower our students to be changemakers for a better society and to become responsible managers.

IÉSEG StudentsWhether you are a company, a parent, or a former student, your financial support will help us advance in the development of our School.

A few examples of how you can have an impact:

Financial Aid for our students

Our School is committed to making our educational experience accessible to everyone. Since its creation in 1964, the Fondation IÉSEG has helped finance the studies of hundreds of students.

Promoting Social Responsibility at our School

Social Responsibility is at the core of our Vision. Your financial support will help us further embed CSR in the classroom, our research, and at the institutional level, and support our efforts to become a expert in the topic.

Supporting Research and Pedagogical Innovation

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