Bring out your creativity with Jeu de Mains!

‘Jeu de Mains’, a start-up created by Eugénie COISNE DENIS, a graduate of IÉSEG’s Grande École Program Master cycle, was recently launched in May 2021. Targeting women who have (or not) a talent for crafting, the company lists a wide variety of DIY (Do It Yourself) workshops in several regions of France. Let’s meet with Eugénie COISNE DENIS, who tells us about her project and her vision of entrepreneurship today.

What is the concept of ‘Jeu de Mains’ and how did you come up with this idea?

‘Jeu de Mains’ is a platform listing creative workshops in France for all women who want to use their creativity in a fun way and meet people who share the same passion for creation.
In 2018, I attended my first creative workshop and discovered a real passion for DIY activities. Then, I decided to search for other workshops near me on the internet, and I quickly realized that it was very difficult to find what I was looking for. Indeed, Google searches were time consuming and never successful. This made me feel frustrated. So, the idea came up to launch a platform that would provide all the creative workshops available in a given region, with the event dates. At the time, I was still working in an advertising agency, but the desire to launch my own company kept growing. A market study showed that, despite the competition, there was room for a business with a feminine vision that offers a selection for women specifically. Rather than focusing solely on big cities like Paris, I decided to expand the selection of workshops to the entire country in order to show all the gems that can be found on the territory and to make the workshops accessible to as many women as possible. In September 2019, I decided to take the plunge and leave my job to fully immerse myself in the entrepreneurial adventure.

Your company is registered at IÉSEG’s Incubator, how has the Incubator been helping you?
After taking a coding course in 2020 to gain web development skills in order to learn how topcreate my own platform, I registered at the IÉSEG Incubator in January 2021. The Incubator helps me a lot, especially thanks to the collective workshops that are offered twice a month with partners on various topics (for example: how to establish your Vision, how to use Google Ads…). I attend all the workshops because there is always something interesting and useful to learn.
The premises provided for the incubates also allow us to meet other entrepreneurs with the same challenges as we face. This gives us the possibility to create a network and exchange tips and best practices. We also have quarterly individual meetings with a coach to assess our progress and see where we stand in terms of achievement of our goals.

For you, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur in 2021?
Entrepreneurship is a great adventure, but there are also a lot of challenges and moments of frustration. For instance, working alone all day without seeing anyone can be a burden sometimes. Financial insecurity can also be a major source of stress. But above all, there are great victories and accomplishments. At the end of the day, it is kind of a roller coaster ride!

Any advice for future entrepreneurs?
I am myself a perfectionist and I can assure you that there is no room for perfectionism in entrepreneurship, so, just go for it, without overthinking!

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