Bookshop: discover some publications for the summer – from our faculty

Each year, faculty from IÉSEG publish and edit books, related to their domain of expertise, with national and international publishers.  Below, you will find a selection of these books that have been published in 2021/2022. They a wide range of topics and sectors including wealth management, strategy, finance and investment, negotiation, or managing artificial intelligence.  

Wealth management & Investment

Goal-based Investing: Theory and Practice” (World Scientific publishing): Romain DEGUEST (IÉSEG) & Vincent MILHAU (EDHEC-Risk Institute) and Lionel MARTELLINI (EDHEC-Risk Institute). 

Romain DEGUEST from IÉSEG has co-authored this book on goal-based investing (GBI), a new paradigm that is expected to have a profound and long-lasting impact on the wealth management industry. It refers to the use of personalized solutions to help individual investors (e.g. buying a property or retiring) and financial advisors meet their/clients’ financial objectives within a given time frame. The book presents the concept of GBI in detail and introduces a general operational framework that can be used by financial advisors to help individual investors optimally allocate their wealth by identifying performance-seeking assets used to increase their portfolio’s return and hedging assets used to control the potential risks that their portfolio is exposed to.

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Negotiation & International relations

Negotiating the Paris Agreement: The Insider Stories” (Cambridge University Press): edited by Henrik Jepsen, Magnus Lundgren, Kai Monheim (Centre for Multilateral Negotiations) &Hayley Walker (IÉSEG).

“The 2015 Paris Agreement represents the culmination of years of intense negotiations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Designed to curb climate change, it was negotiated by almost 200 countries who came to the table with different backgrounds, perceptions and interests”, the publisher notes. The book aims to provide a full picture by “providing and analysing multifaceted insider accounts from high-level delegates who represented developed and developing countries, civil society, businesses, the French Presidency, and the UNFCCC Secretariat.”

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Artificial Intelligence

“Managing AI Wisely: From Development to Organizational Change in Practice” (Edward Elgar Publishing): Lauren Waardenburg, (IÉSEG), Marleen Huysman, Marlous Agterberg (KIN Center for Digital Innovation, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

Over the last years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rapidly introduced into the workplace, across different sectors and job functions.  While companies are using AI to generate value, its implementation has also created challenges not only in terms of the technology itself, but also in terms of workplace organization and culture, and the ethical questions that it can raise.  Together with her co-authors, Professor Waardenburg from IÉSEG has been studying eight organizations’ experiences of implementing and using AI, to shed light on what is really happening in practice. The book addresses the challenges of implementing AI: organizing for data, testing and validating, algorithmic brokering, and changing work. Using a combination of existing literature and thorough practical examples, it provide answers to questions such as: What data do I need? When is a system good enough to actually take over tasks? And how can my employees be prepared for working with AI?

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