IÉSEG expert contributes to international book about “Generations Z in Europe”

October 1, 2019


Elodie Gentina

Elodie Gentina, professor in Marketing at IÉSEG, has recently contributed to the book Generations Z in Europe: Inputs, Insights and Implications, published this autumn by Emerald.

Made up of chapters written by Generation Z experts, which cover nine different European countries and their contexts in relation to the Generation Z, the publication provides analyses founded on perspectives from social science, media theory and literary studies. It also examines potential challenges that may arise for organizations working with this generation, as well as tools to face these challenges.

Generation Z in France

In her chapter “Generation Z in France”, Elodie Gentina looks at different factors, such as history, culture, economic situations, socialization, technology, etc., that shape youth (particularly the Generation Z) and their behavior in France. She gives specific examples of how familial, societal and political structures are shifting, and how this affects Z’s attitudes and mentalities.

Professor Gentina also includes some recommendations and information for employers, such as promoting face-to-face, as opposed to digital, relationships. She explains that this helps members of the Generation Z feel as if they belong to a team.

Similarly, she highlights a number of findings from her 2018 ‘Gen Z management’ study conducted among 2,300 French young people (Gentina and Delécluse 2018). When young people were asked what would be important in their current or future careers, they named ‘working as a team’ (28.8%), ‘developing skills’ (28.4%) and ‘challenging varied roles’ (16.2%) as the most important factors.

About Elodie Gentina

Elodie Gentina is a Marketing Professor at IÉSEG School of Management. Her research focuses on topics Generation Z (or digital natives) such as their consumer behavior, their relationship to companies (recruitment, loyalty, authority, leadership…), etc., and she is the author of multiple publications in France and abroad, including the book Génération Z. Des Z consommateurs aux Z collaborateurs*. She is also a key-speaker for companies on Generation Z.

For more information about Generations Z in Europe: Inputs, Insights and Implications: https://books.emeraldinsight.com/page/detail/Generations-Z-in-Europe/?K=9781789734928

*Generation Z. Z consumers and colleagues.