Navigating through uncertainty: Developing Rational Policies During a Pandemic

An international and multidisciplinary research team, led by Loïc Berger (CNRS research fellow at the Lille Economie et Management laboratory (LEM, UMR9221) and professor at IÉSEG School of Management), in collaboration with Nobel Prize winner Lars Peter Hansen, has studied how decision theory can help policy makers during a pandemic (such as the Covid -19 pandemic).

Their analysis is published in the prestigious American journal, PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences).

You can read their analysis on the PNAS website.

* Loïc Berger, Nicolas Berger, Valentina Bosetti, Itzhak Gilboa, Lars Peter Hansen, Christopher Jarvis, Massimo Marinacci, and Richard D. Smith. “Rational Policymaking During a Pandemic.” PNAS January 26, 2021 118 (4)