05.05.2009 – Hospital Capacity, Capability, and Emergency Preparedness

5 mai 2009

05 mai 2009Lille

Speaker: Vivian Valdmanis University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

Date and place: 05/05/2009 at 14:00
IÉSEG School of Management – 3 rue de la Digue – 59000 LILLE
Lecture Room: B253 (B-building, second floor)

IÉSEG Seminar jointly with LEM UMR8179


Hurricanes often result in shifts in capacity utilization. Before the event, elective procedures are canceled. Given the lessons from Hurricanes Katrina and Gustave, emergency preparedness plans must recognize capacity at the service-line level. This information can provide an additional level of detail to better design response activities and develop cost-effective disaster response plans. We model a possible preparedness plan for Florida hospitals in the case of a major hurricane. Following Johansen, we measure capacity in a frontier setting using data envelopment analysis. We also use a criterion of economic capability to ensure that a Pareto Optimal situation can be maintained. Information on hospital capacity, patient characteristics of inpatient discharges, and financial performance was merged to perform this study. Our findings suggest there is not enough excess capacity for some specialized services in Florida. However, possible evacuation policies can still be derived from our findings satisfying medical and economic capabilities.