Marketing Research Seminar: « Automation and Identity »

29 novembre 2016

15 décembre 2016Lille

Stefano PUNTONI, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Date and Location
Thursday, December 15th, 2016

11 am – 12.30 pm

at IÉSEG Lille Campus – Room B252
at IÉSEG Paris Campus- Room H409 (visio conference)

Automation is transforming many consumption domains, including everyday activities like cooking or driving, and recreational activities like fishing or playing music. Yet, surprisingly little research in marketing has examined consumer preferences for automated products. Automation often provides obvious consumption benefits, but seven studies spanning a variety of product categories show that automation may not be desirable when identity motives are important drivers of consumption. Using both correlational and experimental designs, the findings demonstrate that individuals who strongly identify with a particular social category resist automated features when these features hinder the attribution of identity-relevant consumption outcomes to oneself. We also show that people use the presence of automation as a cue to infer both consumers’ motivations for their behaviors and the identity-centrality of the automated task. These findings have substantial theoretical implications for research on identity and on technology, as well as managerial implications for targeting, product innovation, and communication.

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