Research Seminar in Marketing: “The Brand That Isn’t There: Identity Management on Virtual Marketing Platforms”

27 novembre 2014

15 décembre 2014Paris

Speaker : Michael R. Solomon, Ph.D. (Professor of Marketing and Director, Center for Consumer Research Saint Joseph’s University, U.S.A.)

Date and Location : Monday, December 15th, 2014 at 14.00 p.m.
IESEG, 1 Parvis de la Defense, 92044 Paris la Défense (Room R20)
Lille Campus: video conference room E21

Abstract :

Fashion and identity are inextricably linked. Consumers throughout the ages have strategically deployed apparel and other self-expressive products to express real and aspirational personas and to pursue hedonic exploration and fantasy. Often these transformations are entrusted to aesthetic professionals such as clothing designers, cosmeticians and photographers.
Today, new technological platforms enable even the amateur to create a myriad of identities as he or she navigates the evolving virtual environment some call The Metaverse. In the process, entirely new brand platforms open as real products slowly but surely infiltrate these digital identities. Consumers spend billions of dollars every year to buy virtual products that exist only on their computers – brands that aren’t there. And this is by no means a one-way journey; in some cases cyberspatial experiences also impact on real world identity. The presentation will explore theoretical and practical ramifications of digital identity management as consumers in the form of avatar representations make the passage from the physical world to the virtual — and back again.