Séminaire: Developing Effective Counter Messages to Brand Rumors

26 mai 2014

30 mai 2014Lille

Speaker: Claudiu Dimofte (San Diego State University)

Date: Friday, May 30th, 2014 at 3.00 p.m.

Location: IESEG School of Management, 7 rue Solférino, 59000 Lille

Room : E21 (H426)


Although the threat of dubious rumors about firms and their products has been enhanced with the growth of social media, managers looking to academic research for guidance on how best to quell rumors will discover a paucity of actionable strategic advice. In this research, we evaluate three common rumor quelling strategies within a novel theoretical perspective that distinguishes between explicit credibility-based judgments and implicit affective-based inferences. We use this framework to suggest how these strategies’ effectiveness will vary under managerially relevant conditions. Two studies demonstrate that improving the valence of the rumor contaminant is more effective than eliciting alternative positive target thoughts if the response occurs immediately after rumor exposure, but less effective if the response is delayed. Further, we show that the often criticized strategy of explicitly refuting a lingering rumor is more effective when focused on the affective rather than the cognitive aspects of the rumor.