23.11.2007 – « Surprise Gift » Purchases: Customer Insights from the Small Electrical Appliances Market

23 novembre 2007

23 novembre 2007Lille

Joëlle Vanhamme –
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Date and place: 23/11/2007 at 14:00
IÉSEG School of Management – 7 rue Solférino – 59000 LILLE
Lecture Room: E21

IÉSEG Seminar

Co-Author(s) of the underlying paper: Cees J.P.M. de Bont, Delft University of Technology

Description: From a managerial point of view, surprise gifts offer more opportunities than gifts suggested by recipients, because a larger part of the selection and purchase processes remains to
be molded. Research shows that unexpected gifts that surprise are especially valued by recipients,
but the extant literature on gift selection and purchase explicitly takes into account neither the
giver’s intention to surprise nor the consequences for gift selection and purchase processes.