16.01.2010 – Systematic Liquidity Risk And Stock Price Reaction To Shocks: Evidence From London Stock Exchange

16 janvier 2010

16 janvier 2010Lille

Speaker: Khelifa Mazouza (Bradford University School of Management)

Date and place: 16/01/2010 at 14:30
IÉSEG School of Management – 3 rue de la Digue – 59000 Lille
Lecture Room: B 254 (B-building, second floor)

Paper and slides: Download the paper – (PDF – 247 Ko)


  • This study examines the relationship between systematic liquidity risk and stock price reaction to large one-day price changes (or shocks). We base our analysis on 642 constituents of the FTSEALL share index. Our overall results are consistent with Brown et al.’s (1988) uncertain information hypothesis. However, further analysis suggests that stocks with low systematic risk react efficiently to shocks of different signs and magnitudes whereas stocks with high systematic liquidity risk overreact to negative shocks and underreact to positive shocks. Thus, trading on price patterns following shocks may not be profitable, as it involves taking substantial systematic liquidity risk