Grande École Program

The School is historically renowned for its traditional Grande École Program, a prestigious program that takes students from the beginning of their higher education studies through to a master’s degree. Students are eligible for admission immediately after graduating high school. This five-year program is divided into a three-year BBA and two-year Master program, either of which can also be completed independently.

Bachelor in International Business

Bachelor in International Business offers students a top-quality education in some of the job market’s most valued fields, preparing them to enter the workforce with a running start.

Masters of Science

IÉSEG’s Masters of Science programs portfolio is designed for students willing to live a fully cross-cultural and international experience.

International MBA

The International MBA (IMBA) is aimed at young managers with the potential of being global business leaders.

Spring & Summer programs

IÉSEG’s Spring & Summer programs portfolio is designed for students willing to benefit from IESEG’s academic excellence and multicultural environment while enjoying Paris.