Janice BYRNE

Janice BYRNE
Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Management - EM Lyon
Filière : Human Resources Management
Membre du LEM
  • 2012 : Ph.D. in Management, EM Lyon, France
  • 2003 : MSc eCommerce, Dublin City University, Ireland
  • 2002 : Bachelor in Marketing and International Business, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Expériences Professionnelles
Expérience académique :
  • 2007 - 2012, Teaching and Research Assistant, EM Lyon, Lyon, France
  • 2004 - 2006, Learning Support Manager, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Expérience en entreprise :
  • 2000 - 2002, Marketing and Sales Assistant, Piaggio and Vespa, Dublin, Ireland
Articles publiés dans des revues à comité de lecture
  • Byrne J., Bureau Sylvain, Jarrodi Halima, (2019). A Political Ideology Lens on Social Entrepreneurial Motivations , Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, XX XX.
  • Byrne J., Fattoum Salma, Thébaud Sarah, (2018). A Suitable Boy? Gendered Roles and Hierarchies in Family Business Succession , European Management Review, 0 0.
  • Byrne J., Fattoum Salma, Diaz Cristina, (2018). Role Models and Women Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurial Superwoman has her say, Journal of Small Business Management, .
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  • Byrne J., Fattoum Salma, Giacomin Olivier, Tounés Azzedine, (2018). L’intention de croissance et le genre à l’épreuve de la parentalité, Management International, 22 (4) 1- 15.
  • Byrne J., Abbas A., Jackman L., Galloway L., (2018). 'Gender, Intersecting Identities, and Entrepreneurship Research: An Introduction to a Special Section on Intersectionality' , International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, .
  • Byrne J., Fattoum S., (2017). L’influence du genre dans le choix du successeur en entreprise familiale, Revue de l'Entrepreneuriat, 16 (3-4) 219-246.
  • Mitra P., Byrne J., Janssen Frank, (2017). Advantages of Hybrid Organising in Social Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Norway, International Review of Entrepreneurship, 15 (4) 519-536.
  • Lamine Wadid, Jack Sarah, Fayolle Alain, Byrne J., (2017). The Role of Materially Heterogeneous Entities in the Entrepreneurial Network , Industrial Marketing Management, .
  • Byrne J., Lamine W., Delmar F., Fayolle A., (2016). Training Corporate Entrepreneurs: An Action Learning Approach, Small Business Economics, 47 (2) 479-506.
  • Byrne J., Fayolle A., (2009). Corporate entrepreneurship training evaluation: A model and a new research perspective, Industry & Higher Education, 23 (3) 163-174.
  • Byrne J., Verzat Caroline, Fayolle Alain, (2009). Tangling With Spaghetti:Pedagogical LessonsFrom Games, Academy of Management Learning and Education, 8 (3) 356–369.
Chapitres de livres
  • Byrne J., Fattoum Salma, (2018), A Lost Opportunity or A Lucky Escape? Non-successor Daughters and the Family in Business, in: Women in Business Families - From past to present.
  • Byrne J., Diaz Garcia M., (2017), Entrepreneurial Role Models: An Integrated Framework from a Constructionist Perspective, in: The Routledge Companion to Global Female Entrepreneurship.
  • Byrne J., Toutain O., Fayolle A., (2014), Entrepreneurship Education : What We Know and What We Need to Know, in: Handbook Of Research On Small Business And Entrepreneurship.
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  • Byrne J., Fattoum S., (2014), A gender perspective on family business succession: case studies from France, in: Women's Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century.
Domaines de Recherche
  • Gender and Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship Training for Managers
  • Gender and Family Business
Programme Grande Ecole :
  • Introduction to human resource management
  • Business game 2
  • Business game 1
  • Human resource development
MSc in Business Analysis and Consulting :
  • Managing people and teams