Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Business Administration - ESSEC Business School
Filière : Management of Information Systems
  • 2019 : Ph.D. in Business Administration, ESSEC Business School, France
  • 2014 : Mastère Specialisé in Business Administration Research, ESSEC Business School, France
  • 2012 : MSc. in Socio-economic Systems Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran
  • 2009 : BSc. in Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran
Expériences Professionnelles
Expérience académique :
  • 2016 - 2018, Associate Lecturer, ESSEC Business School, Cergy Pontoise, France
Articles publiés dans des revues à comité de lecture
  • Mousavi Baygi R., Introna Lucas, Hultin Lotta, (2021). Everything Flows: Studying Continuous Socio-Technological Transformation in a Fluid and Dynamic Digital World, MIS Quarterly, 45 (1) 423-452.
Chapitres de livres
  • Djelic M., Mousavi R., (2020), How the Neoliberal Think Tank Went Global: The Atlas Network, 1981 to Present, in: Nine Lives of Neoliberalism.
Proceedings dans des conférences à comité de lecture
  • Stewart M., Mousavi R., (2021), Use, Delegation, or Beyond? Exploring Human-Technology Relationship in the Age of Algorithmic Work, in: ICIS 2021 AIS, pp..
  • Mousavi R., Stewart Maya, (2019), Amazon Mechanical Turk and the Reconfiguration of Relations of Data Production, in: ICIS 2019 AIS, pp..
Domaines de Recherche
  • Social Studies of Technology
  • Social media collaboration and organizing
  • Novel forms of organizing
  • Sociomateriality & Performativity
  • Multi-sided digital platforms
  • Sociology of attention
  • Alternative temporal organizations of work