Assistant Professor
HDR, Psychology - University of Paris Descartes V
Filière : International Negotiation and Sales Management
Membre du LEM
  • 2018 : HDR, Psychology, University of Paris Descartes V, France
  • 2013 : Ph.D., Psychology, University of Paris Descartes V, France
Expériences Professionnelles
Expérience académique :
  • 2018 - maintenant, Assistant Professor, IÉSEG School of Management, , France
Articles publiés dans des revues à comité de lecture
  • Yao J., Storme M., (2021). Trust Building via Negotiation: Immediate versus Lingering Effects of General Trust and Negotiator Satisfaction, Group Decision and Negotiation, 30 (3) 507-528.
  • Molines M., El Akremi A., Storme M., Celik P., (2020). Beyond the tipping point: the curvilinear relationships of transformational leadership, leader–member exchange, and emotional exhaustion in the French police, Public Management Review, X (X) 1-26.
  • Çelik Pinar, Storme M., Forthmann Boris, (2016). A new perspective on the link between multiculturalism and creativity: The relationship between core value diversity and divergent thinking, Learning and Individual Differences, 52 188-196.
Afficher tout
  • Celik Pinar, Storme M., Myszkowski Nils, (2016). Anger and sadness as adaptive emotion expression strategies in response to negative competence and warmth evaluations, British Journal of Social Psychology, 55 (4) 792-810.
  • Storme M., Lubart Todd, (2012). Conceptions of Creativity and Relations with Judges' Intelligence and Personality, Journal of Creative Behavior, 46 (2) 138-149.
Domaines de Recherche
  • Emotions
  • Creativity
  • Psychometrics