Full Professor
Ph.D. in International Management Studies - University of Texas at Dallas
Filière : Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Membre du LEM
  • 1997 : Ph.D. in International Management Studies, University of Texas at Dallas, USA
  • 1983 : Master of Business Administration, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
Prix Scientifiques et Awards
  • 2019 : The 5th Annual Tucker Awards for Excellence in Swearing, Strong Language
Articles publiés dans des revues à comité de lecture
  • Hudson B. A., Jarvis Lee, Goodrick Elizabeth, (2019). Where the Heart Functions Best: The Role of Suppressed Emotion in Disruptive Institutional Work, Academy of Management Journal, 62 (5) 1358–1387.
  • Hudson Bryant, (2019). Fuck, fuck, fuck: Reflexivity and fidelity in reporting swearwords in management research, M@n@gement, 22 (3) 496-506.
  • Hudson B. A., Creed W.E.D., Taylor Steven, (2019). Institutional Aesthetics: Embodied Ways of Knowing and Institutional Processes, Organization Studies, x (x) x.
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  • Hudson B. A., Helms Wesley, Patterson Karen, (2019). Let’s Not “Taint” Stigma Research with Legitimacy, Please, Journal of Management Inquiry, 28 (1) 5-10.
  • Stewart S., Castrogiovanni G., Hudson B., (2016). A foot in both camps: role identity and entrepreneurial orientation in professional service firms, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, 22 (5) 718-744.
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Chapitres de livres
  • Hudson B., (2016), Stigma, in: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Corporate Reputation.
Proceedings dans des conférences à comité de lecture
  • Newburry W., Gardberg N. A., Hudson B., Feffer Y., (2015), Adoption of LGBT-Friendly Policies: Social Construction, Coercion, Competition, or Learning?, in: Academy of Management Proceedings Academy of Management , pp.11763-11763.
  • Moura D., Hudson B., (2014), Betting on football to induce change: An examination of an antenarrative journey to narrative glory, in: Proceedings of the 74th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management Academy of Management , pp.2014:1 17331.
Domaines de Recherche
  • Strategic Responses to Organization-Level Stigma and Shame
  • Strategic Responses to Macro-Sociocultural Pressures
  • Business and Society/Social Issues in Management
  • Institutional Theory
  • Strategy and Implementation
Programme Grande Ecole :
  • Ent research methodology
  • Bachelor business game
  • Change management
  • Fundamentals of organization