Applied research: IÉSEG and Enfocus launch joint data science research program

April 7, 2020

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IÉSEG is pleased to announce that it is launching a new data science research program in partnership with Enfocus, an international software company (based in Belgium) that specializes in PDF productivity and workflow automation.

Led by the IÉSEG Center of Excellence for Marketing Analytics (ICMA), the objectives of the new 3-year program include carrying out research on the analysis of customer data sources and the driving factors of customer experience and product appreciation.

Under the supervision of Professor Kristof Coussement, co-founder of ICMA, a doctoral researcher will carry out this research at both the School and the company.

Kristof Coussement explains: “IÉSEG and Enfocus share a common mission to develop innovative projects, and offer innovative solutions to real-life business needs. In today’s business world, it is not the shortage, but the abundance of customer data that is creating difficulties to truly understand the customer’s needs.”

“This joint project has been designed in the field of analytical customer relationship management (aCRM), which means using a customer data-driven strategy to build long-term customer relationships. By relying on innovative data science methods, both parties have the desire to provide state of the art customer insights that aim to support both research and business projects,” he adds.

Tim Bernaerdt, Customer Success Manager at Enfocus, notes: “As a worldwide market leader in the Graphic Arts industry we service over 130.000 customers indirectly through our global network of value-added resellers. “Innovation defines our future” is one of the core values of Enfocus which reflects directly in the software that we develop for our customers. Next to improving our products, we also want to innovate the way that we run our business. This is why we are looking to leverage our data to gain insights that will help us to drive actions to improve the experience of our customers and will allow us to better support our resellers.

“After meeting with Professor Coussement, it became clear that the IÉSEG School of Management was the right partner for Enfocus to start this project. Their superior Academic knowledge on the subject combined with on-field experience is the perfect match for us. We also felt that they were the right sparring partner to challenge us and inspire us with ideas & suggestions. We are encouraged by their determination to go the extra mile to make our collaboration a success on the professional and on the academic side.”

ICMA is the School’s Center of excellence for Marketing Analytics. It is a knowledge hub formed by a team of academic experts with a proven track record in the fields of marketing analytics, customer relationship marketing (CRM) and database marketing that aims to support teaching, research and business projects.