Working at IÉSEG means being colleagues with passionate and highly respected academics/professionals. Located in France IÉSEG has, with its unique educational approach, 186 permanent professors plus a large number of visiting professors from all over the world.

This internationalism and diversity is expressed not only in the faculty, but also is reflected in the student body, with more than 50 different nationalities.

IÉSEG offers a rich and personally fulfilling environment for work, based in our core values and strengthened by the international perspectives.

We look forward to working with you at IÉSEG!

IÉSEG Teaching and Learning Strategy

IÉSEG’s teaching and learning strategy is designed to enable faculty members, administrative staff, students, graduates and partner companies to work together.

It is aligned with the School’s mission, which is structured around three pillars:
> To educate managers to be inspiring, intercultural and ethical pioneers of change.
> To create knowledge that nurtures innovative leaders.
> To promote creative solutions for and with responsible organizations.

This teaching and learning strategy has been developed in order to provide our students with an outstanding intercultural learning experience. It is therefore based on strong support for teachers, provided by the Direction of Pedagogy. IÉSEG’s teaching and learning strategy is also characterized by its flexible implementation, which ensures students to be exposed to a wide variety of pedagogical approaches.

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IÉSEG Directon of Pedagogy

IÉSEG’s teaching and learning strategy is defined, implemented, and evaluated by the Direction of Pedagogy, which assists professors in constantly enriching their teaching methods and helps them to develop pedagogical innovations. The actions of the Direction of Pedagogy concern 8 interrelated missions.

  • Support the use of tech online and offline (CETI)
  • Pedagogical training and support
  • Teaching Assessment and Valuation (TEA)
  • Internal and external communication
  • Open innovation and EDTECH
  • Students’ involvement
  • Learning Analytics
  • Research in Education

Pedagogical innovation can take many forms, and may or may not mobilize technologies. When these are required, the teachers are then accompanied by the CETI (Center for Educational and Technological Innovation).

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IÉSEG is strongly committed to being an ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable organization. We recognize the importance of encouraging an environment that promotes effective learning and that provides the tools and competences that empower our students and staff to become responsible changemakers for a better society. Our Values, Mission, and Vision reflect this motivation to inspire change.

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