Practical Information

Becoming a university student, independent from your family, can be daunting, whether you are French and are just changing housing or cities, and even more so if you are from a different country.

To make your transition as smooth as possible, IÉSEG assists students with their administrative processes, and can provide you with information regarding housing, visa procedures, the French health system, and more.

How to finance your education

There are many ways to help students to finance their education, including scholarships provided by IÉSEG and other organizations, along with financial aid options provided by the government. These may apply to their studies, study abroad, or to the transportation or housing.

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IÉSEG provides different housing options and our housing advisors will provide further assistance to help the students navigate through their options and select the accommodation that best fits their needs.

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Passport – Visa – Residence Permit

Depending on your nationality, your situation and the length of your stay, you may need a visa to study in France.

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French health insurance and complementary insurance for international students

The French Health Care system (Social Security) is called la “Sécurité Sociale”. It reimburses part of your expenses paid out for medical care and prescriptions.  

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International Students: “Welcome on board”

Living abroad can be both fun and challenging. IÉSEG has developed a comprehensive program of activities and support mechanisms to facilitate students’ adaptation to their new surroundings, meaning the IÉSEG campus and its facilities, but also the city around it and French culture in general.

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Other Information

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