IÉSEG offers students the possibility of spending part of their degree studying in a number of partner universities around the world.

IÉSEG students interested in studying abroad can find information on our intranet, and at the International Relations Department as well as during regular information meetings.

A coordinator remains in contact with students during their stay abroad.

To discover the experiences of our students during their stay abroad, visit IÉSEG Abroad: the website of the IÉSEG students studying abroad.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Develop a greater understanding of both one’s own and other cultures
  • Gain a truly “international” education by living and studying abroad for one to three semesters, becoming familiar with other educational methods and management approaches
  • Gain self-confidence and independence
  • Improve foreign languages and multicultural competences through immersion
  • Meet new people and form life-long friendships around the world, as well as a future professional network

Grande École students have different opportunities to study abroad:

  • Regular exchange program Exchange Programs
  • Specific exchange programs resulting in a degree from the partner university Dual Degree Programs
  • Summer programs from partner universities Summer Programs

Learn more about studying abroad for Grande École Program students

IÉSEG has developed its international profile not only through its courses and partner universities, but also through its internship policy.

View our International partner institutions