Career Support

The School strives to cultivate the next generation of changemakers, equipping their students with the personal, professional, and academic skills to excel in their professional endeavours while having a positive impact on society.

As they progress through their academic journey, the IÉSEG students benefit from comprehensive support provided by the Career Center team, which offers personalized guidance and an access to a wealth of online resources.

Career Center

In addition, the students have the opportunity to participate in immersive business games, engaging corporate talks, networking events, company fairs, all designed to enhance their understanding of the business world and foster meaningful connections with industry professionals. These experiential learning opportunities will help them to sharpen their skills, broaden their network, laying the foundation for a successful career.   

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Professional Insertion Events

The School students’ journey at IÉSEG is punctuated by events with companies to help them build their career plan. These events offer the students the opportunity to explore diverse management vocations and familiarize themselves with a large spectrum of industry sectors. These events are organized in line with the Career Program and the challenges of the socio-economic landscape.

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