IÉSEG employees commit to the environment by taking up the ‘Energic’ Challenge

The start-up ‘Energic’, winner of the CRÉENSO Prize 2017, National Prize of the Creator of Social Enterprise, launched an inter-enterprises environmental challenge in November 2020 driven by the Réseau Alliance of which IESEG is part.

This challenge that lasted six months, mobilized 1236 people, divided in 29 teams from 12 companies, Grandes Ecoles or associations.

The objective: raising awareness in a playful way among collaborators about various environmental issues (such as waste, energy, mobility and food) and thus, turn them into actors of their enterprise’s CSR policy.

Driven by Maria CASTILLO, Responsible of the CSR policy at IÉSEG, the initiative mobilized more than 50 permanent collaborators divided in two teams: the “IÉSEG CARES” tribe on Lille campus and “IÉSEG’REEN” on Paris-La Défense campus.

In total, 4,985 individual missions were accomplished and 466 eco-gestures were adopted by both tribes. The enthusiasm demonstrates a real interest from employees in the environmental issues and a desire to contribute to the School’s CSR policy.

Energic has also committed to donate one euro per participant to an association selected by the Réseau Alliance community. 1236€ were collected and donated to WWF.
IÉSEG is delighted with the enthusiasm shown by its employees towards this Challenge and congratulates all the participants for their commitment during these six months.