International students develop their French through creative group work

December 6, 2018

Innovatio 3Over the last years, IÉSEG has continued to welcome an increasing number of international students on its campuses in Lille and Paris. As part of its strategy to provide a truly intercultural learning environment, the School looks to ensure that all international students can develop and flourish during their time at the School.

While all degree programs (Bachelor, Master of Science and Postgraduate Programs) are taught in English, all international students must take a French language course, which facilitates their daily life interactions within and outside of the School, and helps them to adapt to life in France.

As part of international students’ French courses in the Grande Ecole program (Master’s cycle), seven groups in Paris and eight groups in Lille of all of the first-semester international students will work on a project called Innovatio throughout the academic year. The aim is for students from different countries to work together in French in developing the concept of a new product or corporate-related activity. This allows them to use language classes to work in an intercultural environment on topics relevant to their professional lives.

During the first semester this year, students have been asked to imagine a company/activity that would better the welfare of IÉSEG staff and students.

The groups, which are made up of students with different levels of French in order to encourage exchanges, have presented their results in a forum in November, using posters, brochures and skits to introduce their creative propositions.

“This project is very interesting for us because students work in teams of mixed levels. Everyone can contribute something, regardless of his or her language level. This is a real exchange of competences and language,” explained Sophie Vanwynsberghe, French language professor at IÉSEG.

Similarly, during the second semester, students will continue with their projects, this time through the conception of an innovative new product, and will be asked to work on a brand, logo, and slogan.

This project is one of many initiatives (both academic and non-academic) at IÉSEG designed to help international students integrate to, and make the best of their time at the School, including an orientation week, administrative and housing support etc.