Launch of IÉSEG’s new communication territory

In the framework of the School’s ongoing reflections and work on its branding, initiated at the end of 2018, we are delighted to announce the launch of IÉSEG’s new communication territory.


This work, piloted by the Communication Department, was conducted in close collaboration with the agency DPS, along with numerous members of the School’s community.

This new communication territory aims to energize and singularize IÉSEG’s identity by focusing on its Vision, mission, values, strengths and points of differentiation.


This territory is meant to be strong, singular, identity-based, with notably:

  • Affirmed and inspiring CATCHPHRASES,
  • ICONOGRAPHY dedicated to each target audience, with different, coherent colors depending on the target audience: institutional, student, company/professional, etc. This includes a particular framing of pictures that focuses on people, photo filters that adapt depending on the target audience (blue filter for institutional and student target audiences; black filter for the company/professional target audience).
  • FORMS that embody IÉSEG’s identity (frame which is a component of the logo ball/ pictograms).


You can discover this new communication territory by visiting and by discovering some of our brochures:


Contact :
Head of Communication