Vision and Values

IÉSEG is an internationally oriented and highly rigorous school with a strong commitment to social responsibility.

Our mission :

  • To educate managers to be inspiring, intercultural and ethical pioneers of change
  • To create knowledge that nurtures innovative leaders
  • To promote creative solutions for and with responsible organizations

Our values (summarized by the acronym ARISE) :

  • Accomplishment
    IÉSEG’s educational mission aims to provide students with the opportunity to go the ‘extra mile’ and achieve great things.
  • Responsability
    This is a crucial value when educating responsible managers who will run organizations in a complex and global environment, while paying particular attention to issues such as corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, ethics and transparency.
  • Integrity
    We expect both students and staff to act ethically in all their personal and professional activities.
  • Solidarity
    No one can perform and fulfill their potential alone. Solidarity (and team work) is an increasingly important value both in the work place and in daily life and is at the core of the School’s mission/activities.
  • Engagement
    The IÉSEG community is fully and collectively committed to achieving the School’s ambitious mission.

The School has identified three principal axes to develop this unique positioning, to achieve its mission and its objectives:

  • developing a unique student learning experience
  • the international reputation of research
  • and the international orientation of the School and its multicultural community