Teaching Program & Research Activities

Teaching Program

Our teaching is based on theory and practice linked to a dynamic and individualised pedagogy, and our department consists of two tracks: Economics/IBE and Quantitative Methods.

Economics /IBE

At the Bachelor’s level, the « Economics » track teaches the fundamentals of economics (microeconomics and macroeconomics) and allows students to specialise in management and industrial economics.

At the Master’s level, the « International Business Economics » track (IBE) prepares future  managers who are open-minded, capable of adapting to their environment and giving priority to responsible management issues.

Quantitative Methods

The « Quantitative Methods » track teaches the fundamentals of mathematics and statistics at the bachelors level as well as introducing students to management decision making tools (data analysis and econometrics). It then supports our different masters programs with  more specialised areas in quantitative methods.


Our department is actively involved in excellent research, and our research activity has led to numerous publications in highly reputable, national and international journals. We strongly believe that expertise based on research is a prerequisite for creating appropriate responses to the challenges that companies face in the current economic situation and that research allows us to teach our students appropriate problem solving skills.

Most of our professors are involved in the IÉSEG research excellence cluster, “Performance of Organizations”. They study the mechanisms and measurement methods of organizational performance in a comprehensive way, from the theoretical framework of competitive advantages in strategy or innovation mechanisms to measuring performance in productive structures (estimation of production frontiers) and operations (operations management, operational research).

The researchers use a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, and the approach to performance is clearly multidisciplinary. The collaboration of management specialists and economists has always been a primary strength and a distinctive feature of IÉSEG.