Marketing Research Seminar : “Generating relevant ideas for research to publish in top journals” by Dr. V KUMAR

Speaker: Dr. V KUMAR

Dr V. Kumar is the Distinguished Term Professor, and senior Fellow, Indian School of Business, India; HUL Visiting Chair Professor, IIM Ahmedabad, India; Distinguished Fellow, MICA, India; and Distinguished Professor of Research, WE School, India.

Date and Location – Tuesday February 2nd 2021 from 15:00 to 16:30 on Zoom


This talk will show various ways to generate ideas that are shown to be relevant. While the sources of relevant ideas could be many, there are a few sources that undeniably are deemed appropriate. Of course, Rigor is needed in the execution these ideas. We demonstrate that the rigor can be in conceptual, analytical, and empirical form. When both rigor and relevance are present in a manuscript, then the challenge is how we tell the story in the manuscript. We will provide a few examples of storytelling and then provide guidance for drafting a manuscript that can be submitted.

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