Paper accelerator workshop (PAW) on Gender and Entrepreneurship

Paper accelerator workshop (PAW) on Gender and Entrepreneurship

19-20 February, 2018
IÉSEG School of Management
Paris-La Défense Campus, France

Workshop on Gender & entreupreunership

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Accumulating evidence suggests that cultural biases have a broad impact on gender disparities in entrepreneurial interest, activity and success. Stereotypes about women’s and men’s differing abilities can prompt women to evaluate business opportunities less favorably, lower their entrepreneurial intentions and self-efficacy, and disadvantage them in their quest for financial and social support from others (Bigelow et al. 2014; Gupta et al, 2008; 2009; Gupta and Turban, 2012; Thébaud 2010; 2015). Cultural beliefs regarding men’s and women’s roles in the family—beliefs which are variably shaped by the normative and cultural context (Chell and Baines, 1998; Nelson and Constantinidis, 2016)— can further facilitate or hinder entrepreneurial behavior (Welter et al, 2006; Cliff, 1998; Thébaud, 2015).

However, contemporary entrepreneurship research is often de-contextualized, with a relative lack of attention to the structural and cultural features that impact gender inequalities in entrepreneurial resources, strategies, and outcomes (Hughes et al, 2012; Lewis, 2014; Jennings and Brush, 2013, Ahl, 2006; Welter et al, 2016).

In this workshop, we are especially interested in papers that theorize and/or empirically evaluate the ways that gender stereotypes and implicit cultural beliefs affect entrepreneurial outcomes—such as entrepreneurial interests, processes, resources, or activities. We especially welcome scholarly work that identifies how the (negative) effects of cultural biases may be mitigated in certain social contexts. These contexts may be conceptualized at a macro-level of analysis (such as at the national or regional level), or at a meso or micro level of analysis (such as at the level of a family or network structure).

This is a paper accelerator workshop (PAW). We seek to assemble a group of mid-career researchers, with an established knowledge and experience in gender and entrepreneurship research, who are looking to accelerate existing manuscripts. Through expert reviews, discussion and feedback, we aim to help participants significantly improve and advance their papers. We also seek to create, nurture and foster research collaboration between gender and entrepreneurship academics from different national contexts.