[Research Seminar] Marketing: “Faculty research incentives and business school health” S. STREMERSCH

Speakers: Stefan STREMERSCH
Chair of Marketing and Desiderius Erasmus distinguished Chair of Economics,
Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands),
Professor of Marketing, IESE Business School, Universidad de Navarra (Spain)

Date and Location – Monday September 6th 2021 from 10:30 to 12:00 in E033 (Lille campus), P400 (Paris Campus) and on Zoom



For many business schools, their faculty’s academic research is a main pillar of their business models. They allocate a large part of their resources to scholarship in the form of faculty time, centers, labs, and budgets. Yet, does the research conducted by today’s business school professors truly add value to the schools that employ them?

Does it add value to students, to firms, and to society as a whole? Not nearly enough. In this presentation, Stefan Stremersch will present his recent research where 234 professors from 168 business schools he and colleagues surveyed overwhelmingly conclude that business school research is too often assessed based purely on numbers and “numbers” were overvalued, when compared with critical research dimensions such as creativity, importance, and quality.

In addition, he will share insights from interviews with 14 (associate) deans of business schools who confirmed that there is too much focus on research quantity and much of the research performed simply does not move the needle for them, students, or managers. To make matters worse, Deans are asked to pay huge salaries to research faculty who, in turn, still feel underpaid. Stefan will discuss implications of this research for research faculty and business school leaders. While we do not want to go back to the times of the “consultant as professor” model, maybe it is time for the “not only a professor”-model?