A look back at the first IÉSEG Data Science Fest 2019!

March 1, 2019

Data FestThis week, IÉSEG School of Management organized its first “DataScienceFest”, an event designed to bring together companies, students and other stakeholders with a passion or interest for big data, data science, analytics and machine learning.

After a very short introduction to data science initiatives at the School, including the IÉSEG Msc in Big Data Analytics for Business and its research (including chairs and center of excellence) the floor was given to Dr. Geert Verstraeten (Managing Partner & Data Science Lead at Python Predictions).

He gave the audience of around 40 people a keynote presentation on Artificial Intelligence and whether “an AI crisis was unavoidable”.

Looking to the future, it was noted that it would be important to make sure there was a bridge between data science and business management in order to capture the full potential of data science.

Data Fest 2Arno De Caigny, Researcher at the IÉSEG Center for Marketing Analytics & Data Scientist at Crédit Agricole, then presented a short case study on “deep learning”, a subfield of machine learning. He discussed how this could be used in customer churn management ( to predict which customers to target).

The event ended with a series of “job dating” events where students from the MSc in Big Data Analytics program were invited to meet and discuss with the corporate representatives about possibilities of internships at the end of their program, or ask other career related questions.

More information on the MSc in Big Data Analytics for Business

More information on the IÉSEG Center of excellence for Marketing Analytics

For more information about how to collaborate on innovation tracks in data science, feel free to contact Prof. Kristof Coussement via k.coussement@ieseg.fr.