IÉSEG offers an open-source training course for French sign language

« Becoming an ever more intercultural, diverse and inclusive community”: by proposing an open-source training course for French sign language, IÉSEG’s Center for Educational and Technological (CETI) team has proposed a truly concrete action to put into action this axis of the School’s new strategic plan “Inspire – Connect – Transform”.

Everything started with the recruitment of a person with a disability (she was deaf since birth) at the CETI. This arrival was an opportunity to discover new ways of working, of communicating together, and interacting within the team to be understood by all.

In order to integrate this employee as best as possible, both into the team and the School, to understand and be understood without having to use writing every time, and to be able to involve her in the various projects while making the most of her skills and knowledge, the CETI members have learned a few words of French sign language in order to know how to introduce themselves, talk about their hobbies and their work…

This is how this discovery training of the French sign language was designed. This training make one discover this new language by allowing for knowing more about it, its history, its origin and its use by all the hearing impaired people in France. Then, and most importantly, it allows employees to learn the most important words to know how to introduce themselves, to engage a conversation, to talk about their hobbies (essential for moments of casual exchanges and discovering one another) and finally, to master the basic vocabulary of the corporate world. A fun quiz validates the knowledge acquired during the training.

Already open to all administrative and academic teams of IÉSEG (104 people are already registered for the course), this training is now offered to the whole community of the School (students, parents, graduates, partner companies…). Developed in open-source mode, IÉSEG proposes this module as an open and free resource. Thus, any institution wishing to benefit from this training having a real impact for the integration of hearing impaired employees within its teams can obtain upon request (to the complete sourcing files to use, enrich, or customize this training according to its needs.


The 5 missions of the CETI – Center for Educational and Technological Innovation are:

  • Improving IÉSEG students’ learning experience: the CETI works closely with professors of different disciplines to develop multidisciplinary and engaging class formats.
  • The development of innovative digital educational resources: the CETI offers solutions developed with and for professors, which allows for the implementation of specific educational experiences, such as the design and scripting of an online game integrated into a course.
  • Support in pedagogical engineering: the CETI ensures the dissemination of pedagogical practices and tools, the evaluation of the resulting changes, and the training of teachers and administrative staff in digital technology.
  • Monitoring new tools, experiences and pedagogical innovations.
  • Promoting the expertise of IÉSEG and its professors through the promotion of learning solutions and training devices created and produced by the School.