Communicating your employer brand

We offer you privileged access to our students, access that will enable you to communicate about your brand through different events.

Take part in our “Corporate Talks”, suggest “company visits”, sponsor “student challenges” or even a promotion.

Corporate Talks

IÉSEG, in collaboration with IÉSEG NETWORK (IÉSEG Alumni Association) organizes meetings between students, graduates and professionals from different industries.

The aim is to discover a job function, an industry, a business or problematics encountered in the employment market through the experiences of professionals and experts in specific fields. This process helps the students to build their professionnal projects.

Corporate Talks are mainly animated by our partner companies.

* Theme : At your convenience

IÉSEG also offers you the possibility to organize inter–company meetings to discuss specific topics. Please feel free to contact us !

* Date : Tuesday evening (early evening)

* Place : Lille and Paris – La Défense Campus

* Customized format : round tables, lectures, workshops…

If you would like to participate in this exercise to help students being more aware of careers in your company, job opportunities, values, culture etc, please feel to contact us.


Every year IÉSEG School of Management organizes on its campuses and also at the University of Lille, lectures involving experts, academics and professionals, on different fields and subjects such as Economy, Human Resources, Sustainable Development, Management, Handicaps etc.

A few topics treated recently:

* “How will new data transform companies” hosted by Yvon MOYSAN & Market Box

* “How to design an exit strategy for central banks, and what are the implications for the Economy?” hosted by Daniel THORNTON, VP Saint Louis’ Federal Reserve & Alain DURRÉ, Senior Economist at the BCE

* “Social networks, the 21st Century’s new challenge” hosted by Mathieu GABARD, Marketing Director, Twitter France

* “The importance of Search Engine Marketing in the New Digital ERA” hosted by Grégory RUSSO, Sales Consulting doubleclick AdExchange & Charles De LASSENCE, Agency Sales Manager, Google France

If you want to suggest a topic and/or a lecturer who would like to participate and collaborate with us, please feel free to contact us.

Promotional Sponsorship

Every year, the new graduates’ promotion is sponsored by a company who wants to get involved in IÉSEG’s life and recruit their profiles. Promoting graduates promotes the company’s name.

Promotion sponsorship provides good brand visibility with an internal (IÉSEG internal networks, future IÉSEG graduates along with those of Lille’s Catholic University) and external audience.

You may want to take advantage of our IÉSEG sponsorships and get access to the network of our promising young talents.


  • class of 2015 : ORANGE
  • Class of 2014 – NESTLÉ France
  • Class of 2013 – SODEXO
  • Class of 2012 – PHOENIX Pharma
  • Class of 2011 – ALLIANZ
  • Class of 2010 – ERNST & YOUNG
  • Class of 2009 – AUCHAN Group
  • Class of 2008 – ADEO Group
  • Class of 2007 – ADECCO
  • Class of 2006 – TOYOTA