IÉSEG Companies Partner Club

In order to strengthen the relationships with its partners, IÉSEG School of Management has created IÉSEG Companies Partner Club.

IÉSEG Companies Partner Club gathers companies that are sustainably and significantly associated to IÉSEG’s development. Its objective is to match your expectations and develop a close customized relationship between your organization and IÉSEG School of Management.

We provide exclusive services that will enable you to meet our students in a privileged manner: presentation of your company, your industry, your business and job positions….

During meetings with our students at Forums or at the occasion of company visits, we help you develop your brand visibility.

Our goal is to find solutions for your specific needs and solve your problems.

We also organize meetings and debates with our partners to get the chance to discuss various subjects : Big Data, CSR, Released Company, as well as providing social gatherings.

The following companies have already joined our IÉSEG Companies Partner Club :



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