IÉSEG organizes the 2021 edition of its Intercultural Engagement Week

In order to build on and further enhance IÉSEG’s current actions promoting intercultural learning, working, teaching and research, the School held the annual edition of its Intercultural Engagement Week from March 15 to 18 in an online format.

ICIE (IÉSEG Center of Excellence for Intercultural Engagement), along with different centers, services and departments within the School, coordinated this week. Around 10 events specifically designed for different members of the IÉSEG community (students, parents, corporate partners, staff, etc.) took place. These online events were linked to teaching and learning, research, corporate engagement, and student engagement, as they pertained to the subject of diversity and inclusion and the personal challenges of living and working in a globalized world.

In line with the School’s vision to become a “unique international hub empowering changemakers for a better society” the Intercultural Engagement week is part of the School’s mission to develop cultural intelligence as a defining element of all students and staff.

Please find a selection of the events that took place during the week:

March 15:

  • Pedagogical Conference focusing on “developing learning experiences that include everyone on a journey of transformative growth”, led by Bastian Küntzel, University of Wroclaw, lecturer, facilitator and coach. The conference was followed in the afternoon by a series of workshops on enhancing teaching and learning in diverse environments.

March 16:

  • Interactive teaching workshop “Course Design for Intercultural Learning” led by Nanda Dimitrov from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.
  • A corporate ‘webinar/virtual café’ (held in French and English) looking at “The business case for diversity”, with a panel of experts from ICIE.

March 17:

  • Student Forum focusing on “Diversity and Inclusion and The International Student Experience”.
  • Student/staff Workshop on “Fostering diversity and inclusion in remote interaction times”.

March 18:

  • Research workshop/presentation: “Cross-cultural management studies: state of the field in the four research paradigms”, led by Laurence Romani from the Stockholm School of Economics.
  • Round table event (in French and English) on the topic of “Cultures and identities in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world”, with internal and external experts including Joel Brown, Chief Visionary Officer of Pneumos and moderated by Laure Ayosso.