Expert opinions (videos)

A selection of videos highlighting the different areas of research at IÉSEG conducted by our professors.

Generation Z

60 seconds: Inside Research - Elodie Gentina660 seconds : Inside Research – Elodie GENTINA, Associate Professor in Marketing at IÉSEG, presents the link between the digital natives and the Generation Z.

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Product Placement

60 seconds: Inside Research - TinaTessitore60 seconds : Inside Research – Tina TESSITORE, Associate Professor in Marketing at IÉSEG, explains the influence of product placement.

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Key crowdfunding success factors

60 seconds : Inside Research - Mikael PETITJEAN - Key crowdfunding success factors60 seconds : Inside Research – Mikael PETITJEAN, Associate Professor in Finance at IÉSEG, presents the Key crowdfunding success factors.

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Green Logistics

60 seconds : Inside Research - Stefan CREEMERS - Green Logistics60 seconds : Inside Research – Stefan CREEMERS, Professor in Management at IÉSEG, describes the Green Logistics.

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