Learning trip

Discover France in a professional, enriching and memorable way with this triple experience: corporate, academic and cultural!

In today’s world, leaders are confronted with economic uncertainty, social change and technological (r)evolutions. The more they work with new countries, new markets and new industries, the more they need to be open minded and learn to identify weak signals. To successfully navigate and transform this complex environment, managers and top managers aspire to be familiar with state-of-the-art practices in leadership, innovation management, customer relationship and strategy. IÉSEG Executive Education offers customized learning expeditions to executives, managers and leaders in a global and changing world. Our solutions are a unique way to empower change-makers for a better world.

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Learn through experience

A Corporate experience:

  • Visit companies in various sectors and activities: energy, production, logistics, banking etc.
  • Meet directors and managers who will present their activity, company, position and market.
  • Discuss and debate with professionals on various topics such as strategy, economy, globalization, sustainable development, innovation etc.
  • Get out of everyday life, see what happens in other organizations, nurture inspiration and come back with a new vision.

An Academic experience:

  • Participate in executive models led by prominent experts from the academic and professional environment.
  • Study topics in various fields: management, finance, marketing, commercial development, strategy, logistics etc.
  • Learn by using various interactive pedagogical methods such as case studies, business games, role plays, e-learning etc.

A Cultural experience:

  • Discover the French heritage
  • Meet the French values
  • Share the business rules
  • Break down prejudices
  • Enjoy the experience
  • Rise up & open your mind

Example of a Learning Trip

Theme: learning Brand Management in Luxury and Fashion industries

Public: a groupe of Chinese managers

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Morning Course “Luxury international market evolution and revolution” Course “Culture and art to make French brand to innove” Course “French brands longevity’s key success” Pedagogical exercise Business visit
Luxury shopping experience Parisian Palace
Afternoon Business visit Business visit Business visit Business visit Round table with top managers
Producer and distributor Producer and distributor Producer and distributor Producer and distributor
Jeweller Leather shop Perfumery Textile & leather shop “The brand that makes customers dream”
Evening Welcome dinner in Paris Free time Touristic guided tour Free time Wine and cheese tasting

Design Exprience

Here are some examples of the tailor-made learning experiences. According to your specific needs we can design with you a dedicated learning experience.

Example of some tailor-made learning experiences. According to your specific needs we can design with you a dedicated learning experience:

  • Entrepreneurship in Europe
  • Doing business in Europe
  • European stock markets
  • The French Tech
  • Industrial transformation
  • Gastronomy and business
  • International Development in the Retail industry
  • Innovative management

Live our business visits

Business Visits are one of the key ingredients of a successful learning expedition. This part of the expedition allows you to discover how a company works in a different country, how colleagues interact with each other and how teams are managed.

That is why we try to take each group in different organizations related or not to their activity sectors. Each business visit is designed to meet your needs.

Innovative car manufacturer
Leaders in connected devices and digital marketing
Green energy producer


Innovative international SMEs
International French retailer
Leading consulting companies


Dynamic incubator
Responsible and sustainable industry