Apart from the « specialist know-how » of a professional, what makes the difference for businesses today?

Our experts challenge knowledge and shake up practice to provide input to the debate and make people and businesses grow using a variety of teaching tools to:

  • Help understand and assimilate concepts
  • Encourage trainees to take perspective and open up to new ideas
  • Gain more knowledge and competences
  • Enhance motivation

Our educational methods

  • Role-playing
  • Business game
  • Case study
  • Feedback
  • Collaboration platform
  • Blended Learning


This is a centre dedicated to teaching innovation and to incorporating new technologies into training sessions.

Its task is to assess the impact of these innovations on learning quality.

Our experts

Professors, consultants or senior executives selected in consideration of their expertise, experience and capacity to supervise a group of participants and stimulate engagement.

Our public:

  • Senior executives
  • High-potential up-and-comers
  • Teams in development phase