Full Professor
Ph.D. in Management sciences - Louvain School of Management - UCLouvain-Mons
Academic Director
Track: Marketing
LEM Member
  • 2013 : HDR, Marketing, IAE of Lille, France
  • 2001 : Ph.D. in Management sciences, Louvain School of Management - UCLouvain-Mons, Belgium
  • 1993 : Master, Management Sciences, Management, Louvain School of Management - UCLouvain-Mons, Belgium
Professional Experiences
Academic Experience
  • 2018 - present, Academic director of the Master Retail Management & Business development, IÉSEG School of Management, , France
  • 2010 - 2013, Marketing track coordinator, IÉSEG School of Management, Paris, France
  • 2002 - 2010, Coordinator of Master theses and Consulting Projects, IÉSEG School of Management, Paris, France
Professional Experience :
  • 2008 - 2008, Consultant, C2C Financement, , France
  • 2004 - 2004, Consultant, Mestdagh S.A., , Belgium
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Cocco H., Demoulin N., (2022). Designing a seamless shopping journey through omnichannel retailer integration, Journal of Business Research, 150 (November) 461-475.
  • Swaen V., Demoulin N., Pauwels-Delassus V., (2021). Impact of customers’ perceptions regarding corporate social responsibility and irresponsibility in the grocery retailing industry: The role of corporate reputation, Journal of Business Research, 131 (July) 709-721.
  • Demoulin N., Coussement K., (2020). Acceptance of Text-Mining Systems: The Signaling Role of Information Quality, Information and Management, 57 (1) 1-11.
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  • Demoulin N., Willem Kim, (2019). Servicescape Irritants and Customer Satisfaction: The Moderating Role of Shopping Motives and Involvement, Journal of Business Research, 104 (November) 295–306.
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  • Coussement K., Demoulin N., Charry K., (2011) Marketing Research with SAS Enterprise Guide , Gower Publishing, Farnham.
Peer Review Proceedings
  • De Kerviler G., Demoulin N., Zidda Pietro, (2017), Adoption of Proximity M-Payment Services: Perceived Value and Experience Effect, in: Rossi P. (eds) Marketing at the Confluence between Entertainment and Analytics. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science Springer, pp.275.
Research field
  • Marketing
Grande Ecole (Master cycle) :
  • Strategie
  • Marketing strategy simulation game
  • Marketing strategy and company observation
  • Gestion de la relation client 1
MSc in Digital Marketing and CRM :
  • Relationship management & crm
  • Loyalty programme & crm