Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Fellow Program in Management - Xavier Institute of Management
Academic Director
Track: Human Resources Management
LEM Member
  • 2008 : Ph.D. in Fellow Program in Management, Xavier Institute of Management, India
Professional Experiences
Academic Experience
  • 2017 - present, Associate Professor, IÉSEG School of Management, , France
  • 2011 - 2017, Assistant Professor , IÉSEG School of Management, , France
  • 2008 - 2011, Assistant Professor (FV), Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India
  • 2007 - 2008, Assistant Professor, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, India
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Vakkayil J., (2020). Governance Settlements and Transitions in Indigenous Areas of Limited Statehood: The Case of Coalmining in Meghalaya, Business & Society, unassigned (unassigned) unassigned.
  • Della Torre E., Giangreco A., Legeais William, Vakkayil J., (2018). Do Italians Really Do It Better? Evidence of Migrant Pay Disparities in the Top Italian Football League, European Management Review, 15 (1) 121-136.
  • Nandi Madhavi , Vakkayil J., (2018). Absorptive capacity and ERP assimilation: The influence of company-ownership, Business Process Management Journal, 24 (3) 695-715.
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  • Vakkayil J., Della Torre E., Giangreco A., (2017). "It's not how it looks!" Exploring managerial perspectives on employee wellbeing, European Management Journal, 35 (4) 548-562.
  • Vakkayil J., Chatterjee D., (2017). Globalization routes: The pursuit of conformity and distinctiveness by top business schools in India, Management Learning, 48 (3) 328-344.
  • Vakkayil J., (2017). Resistance and integration: Working with capitalism at its fringes, M@na@gement, 20 (4) 394-417.
  • Vakkayil J., Canato A., (2015). Muddling through: Searching for the ideal in the coal mining fields of Meghalaya, The Extractive Industries and Society, 2 (3) 419-425.
  • Vakkayil J., (2014). Contradictions and Identity Work: Insights from Early-Career Experiences, Journal of Management Development, 34 (1) 906 - 918.
  • Vakkayil J., (2012). Boundaries and organizations: A few considerations for research, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 20 (2) 203-220.
  • Vakkayil J., (2011). Learning through shared objects in outsourced software development, International Journal of Managing Projects in Business, 4 (4) 616-632.
  • Vakkayil J., (2010). Activity theory: A useful framework for analyzing project-based organizations, Vikalpa, 35 (3) 1-18.
  • Vakkayil J., (2009). Dynamics of multiple memories: Reflections from an inquiry, Journal of Management Inquiry, 18 (3) 220-227.
  • Vakkayil J., (2008). Learning and organizations: Towards cross-metaphor conversations, Learning Inquiry, 2 (1) 13-27.
  • Vakkayil J., (2007). A portrait of the researcher as a boundary crosser, Journal of Research Practice, 3 (1) .
  • Vakkayil J., (2006). Towards new visions of doctoral research: Experiences from an innovative research training program, Graduate Journal of Social Sciences, 3 (1) .
Book Chapters
  • Vakkayil J., (2018), Becoming a software professional: Tensions in transitions, in: Identity as a Foundation for Human Resource Development.
  • Vakkayil J., (2016), Maslow or Mahabharat? Dilemmas in Teaching Organizational Behaviour in Management Institutes of India, in: Management Education in India.
  • Vakkayil J., Giangreco A., (2015), Performance appraisal in the Middle East, in: Handbook of Human Resources Management in the Middle East.
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  • Vakkayil J., (2013), Boundary Objects in Boundary Spanning, in: Organizations: Network, Influence and Conflict.
  • Vakkayil J., Kumar R., (2011), Conflict Management and Negotiation, in: Doing Business in India.
  • Vakkayil J., (2008), Towards Inclusive Ecosystems, in: Inclusive Value Chains in India: Linking the Smallest Producers to Modern Markets.
Research fields
  • Collaboration across boundaries
  • Institutions and organizations
Grande Ecole Program:
  • Understanding india for business
International MBA :
  • Leadership, organizations and change