Full Professor
Ph.D. in Economics - Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers
Track: Finance
LEM Member
  • 2013 : HDR, Economy, Economics, University of Lille 1, France
  • 1998 : Ph.D. in Economics, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, France
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Braouezec Y., Cagnol J., (2023). A lattice approach to the Beta distribution induced by stochastic dominance: Theory and applications, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 74 (6) 1424-1442.
  • Braouezec Y., Kiani K., (2023). Economic foundations of generalized games with shared constraint: Do binding agreements lead to less Nash equilibria?, European Journal of Operational Research, 308 (1) 467-479.
  • Braouezec Y., Kiani K., (2023). A Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problem arising in banking regulation: An existence result with Tarski’s theorem,, Operations Research Letters, 51 (1) 105-110.
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  • Beaupain R., Braouezec Y., (2023). International banking regulation and Tier 1 capital ratios. On the robustness of the critical average risk weight framework, International Review of Financial Analysis, Not available yet (Not available yet) Not available yet.
  • Braouezec Y., Kiani K., (2021). Target capital ratio and optimal channel(s) of adjustment: A simple model with empirical applications to European banks, Applied Economics, 53 (13) 1435-1462.
  • Braouezec Y., Wagalath L., (2019). Strategic fire-sales and price-mediated contagion in the banking system, European Journal of Operational Research, 274 (3) 1180-1197.
  • Braouezec Y., Joliet R., (2019). Valuing an investment project using no-arbitrage and the alpha-maxmin criteria: From Knightian uncertainty to risk, Economics Letters, 178 (May) 111-115.
  • Braouezec Y., (2019). Public versus Private Insurance System with (and without) Transaction Costs: Optimal Segmentation Policy of an Informed monopolist, Applied Economics, 51 (18) 1907-1928.
  • Braouezec Y., Wagalath L., (2018). Risk-based Capital Requirements and Optimal Liquidation in a Stress Scenario, Review of Finance, 22 (2) 747-782.
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  • Braouezec Y., (2009). On the Limiting Deterministic Case in McDonald-Siegel Real Options Model, ICFAI Journal of Applied Finance, 15 (5) 62-68.
  • Braouezec Y., (2009). Stochastic Adaptive Dynamics of a Simple Market as a Non-Stationary Multi-Armed Bandit Problem, European Journal of Economic and Social Systems, 22 19-41.
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  • Braouezec Y., Brun J., (2007) Dérivés de crédit vanille et exotiques: produits, modèles et gestion des risques, RB Edition.
  • Braouezec Y., (2003) Les options réelles: investissement, structure du capital et risque de crédit, Editions Economica.
Book Chapters
  • Braouezec Y., (2010), Modigliani Miller Theorem, in: Encyclopedia of Quantitative Finance.
Research fields
  • Finance
  • Economics
Grande Ecole (Bachelor cycle) :
  • Financial markets
Grande Ecole (Master cycle) :
  • Options & futures i:hedging strategies
  • Options & futures i: hedging strategies
  • Credit risk management
  • Banking and financial regulation
International MBA :
  • Banking and financial markets
MSc in International Business :
  • Global finance