Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Applied Economics - Ghent University
Track: Marketing
LEM Member
  • 2010 : Ph.D. in Applied Economics, Ghent University, Belgium
  • 2004 : Master in Marketing Analysis, Ghent University, Belgium
  • 2003 : Master in Applied Economics, Ghent University, Belgium
Professional Experiences
Professional Experience :
  • 2004 - 2006, Project Manager, Synovate Censydiam, Antwerp, Belgium
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Weijters B., Cabooter E., Baumgartner H., (2018). When cheap isn’t the same as not expensive: Generic price terms and their negations, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 28 (4) 543-559.
  • Cabooter E., Weijters B., De Beuckelaer A., Davidov E., (2017). Is extreme response style domain specific? Findings from two studies in four countries, Quality & Quantity, 51 (6) 2605-2622.
  • Cabooter E., Weijters B., Geuens M., Iris V., (2016). Scale format effects on response option interpretation and use, Journal of Business Research, 69 (7) 2574–2584.
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  • Cabooter E., Millet K., Pandelaere M., Weijters B., (2016). The I in extreme responding, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26 (4) 510-523.
  • Weijters B., Cabooter E., Schillewaert N., (2010). The Effect of Rating Scale Format on Response Styles: The Number of Response Categories and Response Catgory Labels, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 27 (3) 236-247.
Book Chapters
  • Cabooter E., Millet Kobe, Weijters Bert, Pandelaere Mario, (2017), Hoe een “sociaal onafhankelijk ik” zorgt voor een meer extreme antwoordstijl, in: Jaarboek van de MarktOnderzoeksAssociatie.
  • Cabooter E., Weijters B., Schillewaert N., (2010), De impact van schaalkarakteristieken op de datakwaliteit van survey-onderzoek., in: Marketing Jaarboek.
Peer Review Proceedings
  • Cabooter E., Millet K., Pandelaere M., Weijters B., (2012), The ‘I’ in extreme responding, in: 41th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy European Marketing Academy (EMAC), pp..
  • Cabooter E., Weijters B., Adams L., (2009), How Self-Regulatory focus shapes item responses regardless of content, in: Marketing and the Core Disciplines European Marketing Academy (EMAC), pp..
Research fields
  • Consumer behavior
  • Response styles
  • Survey design
  • Consumer psychology
Grande Ecole Program:
  • Marketing strategy and company observation
  • Market research
  • Conception et gestion des etudes
  • Marketing research methodology
  • Pricing in marketing
MSc in Digital Marketing and CRM :
  • Offline and online marketing research methods and online panels