Associate Professor
Ph.D. in Applied Economics - Ghent University
Track: Marketing
LEM Member
  • 2010 : Ph.D. in Applied Economics, Ghent University, Belgium
  • 2004 : Master in Marketing Analysis, Ghent University, Belgium
  • 2003 : Master in Applied Economics, Ghent University, Belgium
Professional Experiences
Professional Experience :
  • 2004 - 2006, Project Manager, Synovate Censydiam, Antwerp, Belgium
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Weijters Bert, Millet Kobe, Cabooter E., (2021). Extremity in dropdown scale format responses. Some evidence on how visual distance between response categories influences extreme responding., International Journal of Research in Marketing, 37 (1) 85-103.
  • Weijters B., Cabooter E., Baumgartner H., (2018). When cheap isn’t the same as not expensive: Generic price terms and their negations, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 28 (4) 543-559.
  • Cabooter E., Weijters B., De Beuckelaer A., Davidov E., (2017). Is extreme response style domain specific? Findings from two studies in four countries, Quality & Quantity, 51 (6) 2605-2622.
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  • Cabooter E., Millet K., Pandelaere M., Weijters B., (2016). The I in extreme responding, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 26 (4) 510-523.
  • Cabooter E., Weijters B., Geuens M., Iris V., (2016). Scale format effects on response option interpretation and use, Journal of Business Research, 69 (7) 2574–2584.
  • Weijters B., Cabooter E., Schillewaert N., (2010). The Effect of Rating Scale Format on Response Styles: The Number of Response Categories and Response Catgory Labels, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 27 (3) 236-247.
Book Chapters
  • Cabooter E., Millet Kobe, Weijters Bert, Pandelaere Mario, (2017), Hoe een “sociaal onafhankelijk ik” zorgt voor een meer extreme antwoordstijl, in: Jaarboek van de MarktOnderzoeksAssociatie.
  • Cabooter E., Weijters B., Schillewaert N., (2010), De impact van schaalkarakteristieken op de datakwaliteit van survey-onderzoek., in: Marketing Jaarboek.
Peer Review Proceedings
  • Cabooter E., Millet K., Pandelaere M., Weijters B., (2012), The ‘I’ in extreme responding, in: 41th Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy European Marketing Academy (EMAC), pp..
  • Cabooter E., Weijters B., Adams L., (2009), How Self-Regulatory focus shapes item responses regardless of content, in: Marketing and the Core Disciplines European Marketing Academy (EMAC), pp..
Research fields
  • Consumer behavior
  • Response styles
  • Survey design
  • Consumer psychology
Grande Ecole Program:
  • Pricing in marketing
  • Marketing strategy and company observation
  • Marketing research methodology
  • Market research
  • Conception et gestion des etudes
MSc in Digital Marketing and CRM :
  • Offline and online marketing research methods and online panels