Associate Professor
Ph.D., Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation - University of Twente
Academic Director
Track: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
LEM Member
  • 2011 : Ph.D., Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Twente, Netherlands
  • 2007 : Master, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, IST - Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal
  • 2002 : Bachelor, Engineering, Other, University of Évora, Portugal
Professional Experiences
Academic Experience
  • 2013 - 2017, Professor, University of Baltimore, Baltimore, USA
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Amezcua A., Ratinho T., Plummer L. A., Jayamohan P., (2020). Organizational Sponsorship and the Economics of Place: How Urbanization and Localization Shape Incubation Outcomes, Journal of Business Venturing, 35 (July) 105967.
  • Ratinho T., Amezcua A., Honig B., Zeng Z., (2020). Supporting Entrepreneurs: A Systematic Review of Literature and an Agenda for Research, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 154 (May) 119956.
  • Kirwan Paul, Ratinho T., Van Der Sijde Peter, Groen Aard, Heuven Joris, (2019). Finding the Pot of Gold:Leveraging Social Capital in International New Ventures, International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning, 12 (3) 273-296.
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  • Kirwan Paul, Ratinho T., Van Der Sijde Peter, Groen Aard, (2019). The Early Development of International New Ventures: A Multidimensional Exploration, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, 25 (6) 1340-1367.
  • Lans Thomas, Tynjälä Päivi, Biemans Harm, Ratinho T., Karimi Saeid, (2017). Entrepreneurship Education with Impact: Opening the Black Box, Education Research International, 2017 .
  • Ratinho T., Harms Rainer, Walsh Steven, (2015). Structuring the Technology Entrepreneurship publication landscape: Making sense out of chaos, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 100 168-175.
  • Benneworth Paul, Ratinho T., (2014). Reframing the role of knowledge parks and science cities in knowledge-based urban development, Environment and Planning (B, C, D), 32 (5) 784-808.
  • Bruneel Johan, Ratinho T., Clarysse Bart, Groen Aard, (2012). The Evolution of Business Incubators: Comparing demand and supply of business incubation services across different incubator generations, Technovation, 32 (2) 110-121.
  • Ratinho T., Henriques Elsa, (2010). The role of science parks and business incubators in converging countries: Evidence from Portugal, Technovation, 30 (4) 278-290.
  • Ratinho T., (2011) Are They Helping? An Examination of Business Incubators’ Impact on Tenant Firms, University of Twente,, Enschede.
Book Chapters
  • Ratinho T., (2020), The Domains of Entrepreneurship Support, in: Research Handbook on Start-Up Incubation Ecosystems.
  • Korotka Milana, Benneworth Paul, Ratinho T., (2015), Back to the future of high technology fantasies? Reframing the role of knowledge parks and science cities in innovation-based economic development, in: Making 21st Century Knowledge Complexes - Technopoles of the world revisited.
  • Benneworth Paul, Ratinho T., (2014), Regional innovation culture in the social knowledge economy, in: The Social Dynamics of Innovation Networks.
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  • Ratinho T., Harms Rainer, Groen Aard, (2013), Business Incubators: (How) Do They Help Their Tenants?, in: New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium, Volume 10.
  • Hitt Michael, Ratinho T., (2011), The multifaceted effects of institutions on firm strategies and entrepreneurial actions, in: The Nature of the New Firm: Beyond the Boundaries of Organisations and Institutions.
  • Ratinho T., Harms Rainer, Groen Aard, (2010), Towards a distinction between technology incubators and non-technology incubators: can they contribute to economic growth?, in: Current research on entrepreneurship and SME management.
Peer Review Proceedings
  • Amezcua Alejandro, Ratinho T., Jayamohan Parvathi, Plummer Lawrence A., (2016), Location, Competition, And Organizational Sponsorship, in: AOM Proceedings Academy of Management , pp..
  • Kraaijenbrink Jeroen, Ratinho T., Oude Luttikhuis Jeroen, (2014), Towards a Taxonomy of Entrepreneurial Strategies: Evidence From US High-Tech Venture Business Plans, in: Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research Babson College, pp..
Research fields
  • Entrepreneurship Support
  • Entrepreneurial Strategies