Associate Professor
Ph.D., Economics and Mathematics Sciences, Economics - Université Paris Ouest
Track: Finance
LEM Member
  • 2013 : Ph.D., Economics and Mathematics Sciences, Economics, Université Paris Ouest, France
  • 2010 : Master, Economics and Mathematics Sciences, Economics, Université Paris Ouest, France
Professional Experiences
Academic Experience
  • 2019 - present, Professor, IÉSEG School of Management, , France
Professional Experience :
  • 2015 - 2018, Senior Economist, Banque de France, Paris, France
Scientific prizes and Awards
  • 2014 : Louis Forest/Aguirre-Basualdo Award for the best PhD dissertation, Prix Solennel de la Chancellerie des Universités de Paris - Sorbonne
  • 2010 : First class honor MSc in Applied Economics, Université Paris Ouest
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Joëts M., Candelon Bertrand, Ferrara Laurent, (2021). Global Financial Interconnectedness: A Non-Linear Assessment of the Uncertainty Channel, Applied Economics, 1 (1) 1-20.
  • Joëts M., Pontoni F., Creti A., (2018). Economic and Environmental Implications of Hydropower Concession Renewals: A Case Study in Southern France, Revue Economique, Prépublication 118.
  • Joëts M., Mignon V., Razafindrabe T., (2017). Does the volatility of commodity prices reflect macroeconomic uncertainty?, Energy Economics, 68 (October) 313-326.
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  • Gnimassoun B., Joëts M., Razafindrabe T., (2017). On the link between current account and oil price fluctuations in diversified economies: The case of Canada, International Economics, 152 (2017) 63-78.
  • Joëts M., Creti Anna, (2017). Multiple bubbles in the European Union Emission Trading Scheme, Energy Policy, 107 (2) 119-130.
  • Joëts M., (2015). Heterogeneous beliefs, regret, and uncertainty: The role of speculation in energy price dynamics, European Journal of Operational Research, 247 (1) 204-215.
  • Joëts M., (2014). Energy price transmissions during extreme movements, Economic Modelling, 40 (June) 392-399.
  • Brémond V., Hache E., Joëts M., (2014). On the link between oil and commodity prices: A panel VAR approach, Energy Studies Review, 20 (3) 0-0.
  • Joëts M., Creti A., Mignon V., (2013). On the links between stock and commodity markets' volatility, Energy Economics, 37 (May) 16-28.
  • Candelon B., Joëts M., Tokpavi S., (2013). Testing for Granger causality in distribution tails: An application to oil markets integration, Economic Modelling, 31 (March) 276-285.
  • Joëts M., Mignon V., (2012). On the link between forward energy prices: A nonlinear panel cointegration approach, Energy Economics, 34 (4) 1170-1175.
  • Guerreiro D., Joëts M., Mignon V., (2012). Is Price Dynamics Homogeneous Across Eurozone Countries?, Journal of Economic Integration, 27 (4) 609-632.
  • Joëts M., (2011). On the relationship between forward prices of crude oil and domestic fuel: A panel data cointegration approach, International Economics, 126-127 (February-March) 39-49.
Book Chapters
  • Joëts M., Mignon V., Razafindrabe T., (2018), Oil Market Volatility: Is Macroeconomic Uncertainty Systematically Transmitted to Oil Prices?, in: Uncertainty, Expectations and Asset Price Dynamics.
  • Joëts M., (2012), Mood-Misattribution Effect on Energy Finance: A Biorhythm Approach, in: Recent Developments in Alternative Finance: Empirical Assessments and Economic Implications.
Grande Ecole (Bachelor cycle) :
  • Financial markets
  • Introduction to machine learning and artificial intelligence
Grande Ecole (Master cycle) :
  • Data visualization challenge
  • Data project
  • Data visualization
  • Statistics and big data
  • Commodity markets
HOPE Program :
  • Corporate finance