Laurianne SCHMITT

Laurianne SCHMITT
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Sales and Marketing - EM Strasbourg
Track: Marketing
  • 2021 : Ph.D. in Sales and Marketing, EM Strasbourg, France
Published Papers in Refereed Journals
  • Schmitt L., Epler R., Casenave E., Pallud J., (2023). An Inquiry into Effective Salesperson Social Media Use in Multinational Versus Local Firms, Journal of International Marketing, 0 0.
  • Epler R., Schmitt L., Mathis D., Leach M., Hochstein B., (2023). Do Salesforce Management Systems Actually Drive Salesperson Intentions?, Industrial Marketing Management, 113 (2023) 42-57.
  • Schmitt L., Casenave E., Pallud J., (2021). Salespeople’s work toward the institutionalization of social selling practices, Industrial Marketing Management, 96 (1) 183-196.
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  • Schmitt L., Casenave E., Pallud J., (2021). How B2B Salespeople Use Social Media: a Practice Theory Approach, Décisions Marketing, 104 (4) 199-216.
Bachelor in International Business :
  • Purchasing strategy
  • Advanced sales management
Grande Ecole (Bachelor cycle) :
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Research and consulting tools
  • Sales and business management