Research Seminars

Each academic department of IÉSEG organizes Research seminars in both campuses of Lille and Paris, with video conferencing facilities.

With those seminars, the researchers have the opportunity to discuss about their research activities. Sharing and mutual support are the keys of those events in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Name City Date
MIS Research Seminar “The Strategic Value of Enterprise Architecture: A Dynamic View That Matches Enterprise Architecture Maturity” Paris 18 feb 2019 Learn more
ICOR – Marketing Research Seminar “The role of thinking style in consumer reactions to corporate social responsibility” Paris 21 feb 2019 Learn more
MIS Research Seminar “Designing the Medium and the Message for Sponsorship Recognition on Social Media: The Interplay of Influencer Type, Disclosure Type, and Consumer Culture” Lille 05 mar 2019 Learn more
ICON – Negociation Research Seminar “The Bartering Mindset” Lille & Paris 06 mar 2019 Learn more
HRM Research Seminar “Practices of Chief Executive discretion in the age of accountability” Paris 11 mar 2019 Learn more
INENT Research Seminar “Anger and Strategic Cooperative Interactions: Behavioral and Neurophysiological Evidence” Paris 21 mar 2019 Learn more