Research Seminars

Each academic department of IÉSEG organizes Research seminars in both campuses of Lille and Paris, with video conferencing facilities.

With those seminars, the researchers have the opportunity to discuss about their research activities. Sharing and mutual support are the keys of those events in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Name City Date
Accounting Research Seminar: “Do Managers Respond to Auditors’ Red Flags?” by Anne Jeny – ESSEC Lille 23 jan 2020 Learn more
EQM Research Seminar: “Fair Innings? The Utilitarian and Prioritarian Value of Risk Reduction over a Whole Lifetime” by James Hammitt – Harvard University Lille 23 jan 2020 Learn more
EQM Research Seminar: “It does (not) get better: the effect of relative gains and losses on subsequent giving” by Rémi Suchon – ECARES Lille 28 jan 2020 Learn more
ICOR-MIS Research Seminar: “When Statistical Significance Is Not Enough: Investigating Relevance, Practical Significance and Statistical Significance” by Kaveh MOHAJERI – IÉSEG Paris 30 jan 2020 Learn more