IÉSEG is home to a lively research culture. We host regular research seminars and faculty development workshops.

We have also hosted some of the leading academic conferences in Europe. Most of these events are organized at the department level across both campuses, giving faculty the opportunity to learn from and establish ties with leading international scholars. 

Name City Date
[Research Seminar] ‘Social Media Empowerment of Marginalized Groups in Crisis: the role of generative mechanims and contextual dynamics’ Paris 25 apr 2024 Learn more
[Research Seminar] ‘Stigmatized Artefacts: Towards a Relational Process of Artefact Stigmatization’ Paris 25 apr 2024 Learn more
[Reseach Seminar] ICOR: Out of Sight, Out of Mind – How Visibility Dynamics Influence the MSI Legitimacy Formation Lille 26 apr 2024 Learn more
[Research Seminar] How CSR managers use public policy to strengthen their roles: Juggling between student activism and internal resistance Lille 26 apr 2024 Learn more
[Workshop] Recent Trends and New Developments in Sustainable, Green and International finance Paris 13 may 2024 - 14 may 2024 Learn more