IÉSEG Center of excellence in Negotiation (ICoN)

ICoN is IÉSEG’s centre of excellence in negotiation research, teaching and knowledge transfer.
It aims to create relevant, practice-oriented knowledge by means of precise, systematic and robust research methods and provide applications for students, professionals and organizations. The main funding for ICON comes from the foundation of Lille Catholic University.

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IÉSEG Center of excellence for marketing Analytics (ICMA)

The ICMA is the Center for Marketing Analytics of IÉSEG School of Management (Paris & Lille, France).

It is a knowledge hub formed by a team of academic experts with a proven track record in the fields of marketing analytics, customer relationship marketing (CRM) and database marketing that aims to support teaching, research and business projects.

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IÉSEG Center of excellence for Organizational Responsibility (ICOR)

ICOR is IÉSEG’s Center for Organizational Responsibility, founded in 2014.

It aims to create and spread conceptual knowledge and practice-oriented tools in the fields of social responsibility, sustainability and business and society relationships for students, researchers, professionals and their organizations.

ICOR is composed of and coordinated by members of IÉSEG academic staff from all departments and supports the School’s determination and ambition to contribute to the development of a prosperous, fair and sustainable society.

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IÉSEG Center of Excellence for Intercultural Engagement (ICIE)

ICIE – Center of Excellence for Intercultural Engagement combines multidisciplinary research in business, management and education, with expertise in education and training. It aims to develop knowledge on the development of intercultural mindsets and the way this can be applied in different organizations. This facilitates the development of individual skills, processes and strategic understanding of markets to give companies and organizations a competitive edge.

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