During their studies at IÉSEG, the Career Center helps the students to build and implement their professional project/objective in line with their aspirations, their skills, and the socio-economic reality of the market.

The Career Center offers many resources to facilitate the integration of the students into the working world and give them all the tools they need to develop both personally and professionally.

Career Program

The Career Program has been designed to help students formulate and implement their professional project in line with their aspirations, skills and the socio-economic reality of the market. The objective is to facilitate their integration into a company, within an environment that fosters their personal and professional growth.

In addition, other workshops covering a number of themes are proposed to all the students:

  • Workshops on improving their CV and CL
  • Personality and motivation tests
  • Building a pitch
  • Networking
  • Preparing for Assessment centers, etc.
  • Mock interviews in French and in English with partner companies

Sessions, as well as individual coaching with career counsellors and practicing professionals, are organized in small groups.

Discover the Career Program

Meet the companies

In addition, IÉSEG and IÉSEG Network teams invite managers to both campuses every week to present their jobs and company cultures (Corporate Events).

Each student can therefore benefit from detailed knowledge on various businesses and organizations to better define their own professional project.

Moreover, several career fairs, lectures, company visits and student/business challenges are organized on a regular basis so that students can gradually form their own network.

Throughout their years at IÉSEG, and for each IÉSEG program, students can benefit from individual coaching sessions at their request to clarify and enrich their professional project and career plan.

The IÉSEG Career Center, focused on training, information exchange and coaching, allows our students to know more about:

  • Market and business cultures
  • Their personality, interests and motivations
  • Necessary skills and know-how

Develop your network

IÉSEG Network organizes Corporate Events in cooperation with the Career Center. The purpose of these conferences is for students to discover a job, an industry, or a specific aspect of the job market through varied experiences lived by alumni or other professionals.

Alumni regularly share internship offers, especially in foreign countries, with IÉSEG Network.

The missions of IÉSEG Network are the following:

  • develop contacts between alumni and students
  • consolidate the links alumni have in companies
  • create links among alumni through the organization of informal events (afterworks, etc.)
  • help alumni in their job search and career management, thanks to a center dedicated to these missions