In partnership with IÉSEG’s Alumni Network, the School organizes meetings throughout the year between its students and professionals – alumni and others – from all business sectors.

These meetings seek to help students discover new careers, sectors, companies or job market issues, drawing upon the experience of professional experts.

Business Conferences

IÉSEG, in partnership with IÉSEG NETWORK (Graduate Association), organizes meetings between its students and professionals from all industries.

They aim to reveal a function, a business sector, a company, or subject related to the job market, through the experience of one or more professional experts.

Business conferences are primarily led by our partners and IÉSEG graduates.

Networking evenings

In a round-table format, these evenings are designed to introduce all IÉSEG students to different trades and sectors. It is about giving them concrete information about professionals’ work and their companies, all the while training them to practice networking.

Recruitment preparation

Every Thursday afternoon, students have the opportunity to register for mock interviews. Recruitment professionals come to the school to help improve students’ job search tools in both French and English.

Different courses, workshops and individual interviews are offered:

  • An individual meeting to prepare a CV,
  • Individual coaching for interviews,
  • Group coaching for interviews (1.5 to 2 hours for a group of 10 students),
  • How to sell yourself in 5 minutes (1.5 hours for a group of 10 students).